event photographer

Downtown Cincinnati Event Photographer: Hat's Off Preview Luncheon 21C Hotel

The Hat’s Off Luncheon organized by the Women’s Committee of Smale Park and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation is one of my favorite events of the year. This women’s committee luncheon was where the theme for 2019 was announced! Hats Off To You! : A Colorful Celebration Of Cincinnati Parks. I cannot wait to take part in next years event!

West Chester Cincinnati Event Photographer: Plus Group Holiday Party

I’ve been taking photos of the Plus Group’s event for a couple years. They are always so fun to be with for the couple hours that I’m there. You can really feel how much the whole company cares for each other at events like the Holiday Party. The Christmas spirits were high and everyone was having a great time. We even had a surprise bit of snow to really set the mood! I’ve started taking video clips at events and shoots to create fun shorts for client galleries. Videographer I am not, we’ll see where this little side project ends up!