Cincinnati Wedding Photographer - Leah & Tim

I am so happy I was be able to shoot Leah and Tim's beautiful fall wedding this month. From the church, to the foliage, to Leah's mink stole, this wedding was seriously romantic. I was lucky enough to hang out with the very entertaining groomsmen for the most of the morning leading up to the ceremony. Even though the Groom's brother had broken his leg practically the night before, everyone was in good spirits. The whole being on crutches thing made for an interesting jump photo. 

But for as fun as the Groomsmen were, Leah was so much more of a total knockout!

The church, St. Clement Church in St. Bernard, made for a stunning ceremony backdrop. The Ring bearer couldn't have been cuter either. 


So many happy faces as Leah made her way to Tim! The Friar did a great job keeping the ceremony focused on the couple, you could tell he really took the time to know who they were, and it made for a very personal ceremony. After the Ceremony we headed to Spring Grove Cemetery for our formals. Although it was just barely raining the whole time we were there, as you can see it didn't stop the bride and groom from getting some absolutely gorgeous and romantic shots. Possibly some of my favorite to date!

These photos were taken in association with Jessica Wiggins Photography. She's a total doll, and very talented, you should check her out!