Cincinnati Editorial Photographer : Euphoria Vibes

Sometimes your makeup artist comes to you and says, “Wanna do a Euphoria styled beauty shoot?”. You of course say yes! Jordan did an awesome job with Sarah’s super fun crystal makeup. Although it was super quick shoot we got some stunning shots.


Cincinnati & Columbus Editorial Photographer: 1920's Modern Makeup Concept

As a photographer I constantly see things and go, “Wow, that would make for a great photoshoot concept.” It’s a total curse in the way that I’m full of ideas and never enough time to do them, but every once in awhile something sticks around long enough to where I have to do it! I read an article recently about makeup for black and white movies in the twenties. The way the film picked up certain colors made for some interesting color choices. Yellow came out darker, so it was used on the lips and sometimes cheeks. Blue came out lighter so it was used to highlight, and lavender was used to darken the eye sockets.


My makeup artist Becci Jahn was totally up for the challenge of a modern recreation! It was so much fun having such a cool concept and gorgeous model in Studio. Alice Magoto, Miss Ohio USA and a top 10 finalist in this years Miss USA was such a trooper and really delivered! I love it when I can get everyone on board with an out there concept! I created a black and white filter that changed the colors similarly to the way the film of the 20’s would of. I love both looks so much!

We even filmed a little BTS video!