Cincinnati Wedding Photographer: A Winter Wedding

Sometimes a winter wedding doesn't get the beautiful colors the other seasons are allowed- until sunset. I don't think it's a coincidence that this wonderful couple was blessed with such an amazing, sky on fire, sunset on the day of their nuptials. No matter what time of year your wedding is, we'll get beautiful portraits! 


Cincinnati Baby & Newborn Photographer: Wyatt's First Christmas

The last time we had baby Wyatt in the studio was for his newborn session!  I was so excited when Elyse called and wanted to set up a little Christmas session to celebrate Wyatt's first Christmas! 3-6 months is definitely a bit more difficult to photograph than the younger and older babies. They aren't very good at holding themselves up, and they don't want to stay still. That being said, Wyatt was a total champ and barely fussed his entire session. I love the shots we got, and can't wait to see him again hopefully in another 4 months!